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The Growing Goal

The Growing Goal

Children’s of Mississippi provides pediatric care as part of the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC). It includes a statewide network of children’s clinics, telehealth care, and Children’s of Mississippi Hospital, located in Jackson.

UMMC has served Mississippi’s children and their families since 1968. Now, Children’s of Mississippi cares for more than 180,000 children each year with outcomes among the best in the country.

But thirty years of advances in pediatric medicine had left our hospital building behind. It could no longer support the level of advanced care we now provide. 

In 2015, we knew it was time to improve our facilities.  

The Growing campaign helped fund the new children’s tower. Now open, the tower supports Children’s of Mississippi world-class doctors and staff in providing excellent care. This project has already helped save lives and improve the health of Mississippi’s children. 

Thanks to our amazing donors, we’re eighty-five percent of the way toward our fundraising goal. We will not stop until we raise one hundred million dollars, and we still have a long way to go.

Please help us help the children of Mississippi.  Any amount you can share will be greatly appreciated.

Dr. LouAnn Woodward

"Thousands of people and organizations all over the country have given or pledged support for this project. We are lucky to have so many people who care so much for the children of our state."

— LOUANN WOODWARD, MD, Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center

We have accomplished so much, and we need your help more than ever.